Sshtix drumsticks and percussion
Sshtix drum sticks and percussion Sshtix drumsticks


Sshtix are a range of multi-rod polycylindrical drum strikers that add extra dimensions to your drumming sound!

Sshtix can be used on Drum Kits, Hand Drums, Timbales, Cajons etc.

Sshtix suit all drumming styles from gentle to mental!

Sshtix are available in 8 different models producing sounds ranging from delicate and soft to as loud as you like.

Sshtix give a super fat snare drum sound and crisp cymbol response.

Sshtix are handmade with tough bamboo rods, polypropylene butts and neoprene tension regulator rings.

Sshtix are adjustable for tight stick sound or looser brush sound.

Sshtix are more durable than birch dowel multirod sticks which tend to shatter with use.

Sshtix can produce a quieter sound than standard equivalent weight drumstick for the same power of stroke.