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We say that a planet is in conjunction with another planet or object when the two are positioned in line, or very close, as viewed from Earth. Such alignments are of no real astronomical importance, except that a planet in conjunction with the Sun is not visible in the night sky. Planets in conjunction with each other, or with the Moon, make an attractive spectacle.

As inner planets, Mercury and Venus have inferior and superior solar conjunctions. Inferior conjunction is when a planet lies between Earth and the Sun and superior conjunction is when a planet lies behind the Sun. The outer planets may only have superior conjunctions with the Sun.

During 2012:
Inferior Conjunctions - 21st March, 28th July, 17th November.
Superior Conjunctions – 7th February, 27th May, 10th September.

Superior Conjunction - 5th-6th June.
Mars: None in 2012.
Jupiter: 13th May.
Saturn: 25th October.
Uranus: 24th March.
Neptune: 19th February

During 2011:
Inferior Conjunctions – 9th April, 17th August, 4th December.
Superior Conjunctions - 25th February, 12th June, 28th September.
Superior Conjunction - 16th August.
Mars: 4th February.
Jupiter: 6th April.
Saturn: 13th October.
Uranus: 21st March.
Neptune: 17th February

During 2010:
Inferior Conjunctions – 4th January, 28th April, 3rd September, 20th December.
Superior Conjunctions - 14th March, 28th June, 17th October.
Superior Conjunction - 11th January.
Inferior Conjunction - 29th October.
Mars: None in 2010.
Jupiter: 28th February.
Saturn: 1st October.
Uranus: 17th March.
Neptune: 14th February

During 2009:
Inferior Conjunctions – 20th January, May 18th, September 20th.
Superior Conjunctions - 31st March, 14th July, 5th November.
Venus: Inferior Conjunction - 27th March.
Mars: None in 2009.
Jupiter: 24th January.
Saturn: 17th September.

During 2008:
Inferior Conjunctions – 6th February, 7th June, 6th October.
Superior Conjunctions - 16th April, 29th July, 25th November.
Venus: Superior Conjunction - 9th June (-3.9 magnitude).
Mars: 5th December.
Saturn: 4th September.
Uranus: 5th March.
Neptune: 11th February.

During 2007:
Inferior Conjunctions – 23rd February, 28th June and 23rd October.
Superior Conjunctions - 7th January, 3rd May, 15th August and 17th December.
Venus: Inferior Conjunction - 18th August.
Jupiter – 23rd December.
Saturn – 21st August.
Uranus – 5th March.
Neptune – 8th February.

Other objects in the sky that appear to be close to each other and are said to be in conjunction. A remarkable planetar configuration occurs on 23rd and 24th December 2007 when Mars, Earth, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and the Galactic Centre will be in alignment, accompanied by the Full Moon conjunct with Mars.

During 2006:
Inferior Conjunctions - 12th March, 18th July and 8th November.
Superior Conjunctions - 26th January, 18th May and 1st September.
Inferior Conjunction - 14th January.
Superior Conjunction - 27th October.
Mars - 23rd October.
Jupiter - 21st November.
Saturn - 7th August.
Uranus - 1st March.
Neptune - 6th February.

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