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Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain
HomeWatch Axarquia Property Management Services
HOMEWATCH AXARQUIA is a property management company specialising in the care and security of second homes and rental properties for absentee or busy homeowners. We offer a variety of services including change overs, regular home inspections and home maintenance while you are home or away.

HOMEWATCH AXARQUIA can also provide an array of amenities for you or your guests including fresh flowers, wine, snacks or even a fully stocked refrigerator!

If maximising on your investment property in Spain with rental income, or taking a holiday and want to know your home is secure, HOMEWATCH AXARQUIA was formed with you in mind. Whether letting your property or away for a while, we make sure everything is taken care of so that no surprises are found when you return.

Mix and match from our WATCHDOG, HOUSEKEEPING, CONVENIENCE and RENTAL packages:
For anyone taking a 6 month minimum housekeeping change-over package with HOMEWATCH AXARQUIA, FREE OF CHARGE we can manage your bookings and market your letting property, long and short term, on •Kyero, •In Spain, •AbAx Properties and •Absolute Axarquia. We can visit your home to take details and professional photographs or you may choose to provide your own.
A professional, convenient service at very reasonable rates. This service can be set up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits and can also include home opening and closing.

Home Inspections
Inspections of your vacant home at a frequency determined by the homeowner. Most clients prefer to have their homes monitored on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Home inspections include a walk through of the inside and outside of your home and grounds.
Inside: We check for • tripped electrical supply, • roof, skylight and window leaks, • interior plumbing and water heater leaks, • broken seals on windows, • breakage or security problems of doors and windows, • warped wood on doors and windows, •heating adjustments/monitoring according to season, • thermostat, alarm & smoke-detector battery replacement, • running water in sinks, baths and showers, • flush toilets, • light bulbs, • appliance monitoring, • hot water heaters, • garage doors etc.
Outside: We check your grounds for • erosion, drainage and subsidence problems, • exterior wear and tear (paint, visible roof damage), • security problems, • irrigation system problems, • weed watch, • plus put delivered packages inside and pick up papers/flyers/debris from outside. We can also • start and idle any vehicles left at your property whilst undertaking inspections and maintenance.

Home Maintenance:
We can organise and monitor regular maintenance of your home as determined by you. This may include weed control, landscaping, specialist housekeeping, window cleaning and all repairs. For specialist repair work, we can liase with local trades people.

Handyman Service:
HomeWatch Axarquia has an “on-call” handyman service available as needed. Estimates are available.

An email report can be sent after each inspection or maintenance visit.

Whether you are scheduling a visit to your home, have guests arriving or are just interested in maintaining it, HomeWatch Axarquia can organise housekeeping services prior to arrival and after departure. Homes that sit for long periods become dusty and dirty so for you and your guests relaxation whilst in Spain, we assure a pleasantly freshened home upon arrival!

We can also turn on/off the heat/air-conditioning, hot water and alarms upon request.

Services include:
• Cleaning
• Laundry
• Pool, hot tub and pond cleaning
• Key Holding
• Gardening and plant watering
• Meet and greet to welcome your guests and show them the property - especially useful if your property is in the countryside and a little difficult to locate. In addition we can meet deliveries or tradesmen on your behalf.
• Airport pickups/dropoffs

To make life easier we can:
• Pick up mail and forward it
• Clear terraces and patios after heavy rain
• Organise installation of, and/or monitor, satellite TV, alarm systems and internet connections
• Organise repair and building estimates
• Monitor and report on building work
In the event a problem is detected that requires immediate attention, you will be notified by phone. On your instruction, we will gladly contact the tradesperson of your preference to make any repairs. If you do not have a preference, or they are too busy to act immediately, we can arrange a reliable alternative. Extra services are billed by the repair contractor directly to you.

Our mission is to be the most reliable and professional homewatch and management service in Axarquia. We are committed to outperforming potential competitors by providing a reliable, value added, individualised homewatch and management service.
FREE marketing and bookings management
Photo shoot - 30€
10% of 7 to 11 month rental if booked through us
20% of 1 week to 6 month rental if booked through us
1 bedroom 25
2 bedrooms 35
3 bedrooms 45
4 bedrooms 50
HOME MAINTENANCE - 10€ per hour
CLEANING & CHANGE-OVERS (mopping, sweeping/vacuuming, dusting & disinfecting)
 Cleaning  Cleaning PLUS
Home Inspection
1 bedroom2535
2 bedrooms3545
3 bedrooms4555
4 bedrooms5060
LAUNDRY - 15€ per load (washing, drying & ironing)
MEET & GREET - 30€ per occasion
AIRPORT PICKUP / DROPOFF - 40€ to 60€ depending on location. (Each van takes up to six passengers)
Pool and Hot-Tub Cleaning
8x4 metre pool20 per week20 per fortnight
Hot tub15 per week15 per fortnight
ALL PACKAGES - 10€ per hour
Tel: (+34) 650 193 777
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