Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain

Sylvia Bowyer BTAA, ITEC is a practitioner of massage and aromatherapy who also specialises in the Bowen Technique.

The Bowen Therapeutic Technique is a fast treatment for sporting injuries, musculo-skeletal symptoms, stress and tension discomfort, organic conditions, body balancing, bronchial symptoms and much more.

Bowen is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy. It is a gentle, effective pain-relief technique and a support to aid healing for most health conditions, from acute and chronic injuries to chronic internal ailments. Bowtech's unique system produces rapid results which surprise practitioners of all disciplines.

The technique, which can be performed on anyone from the newborn to the aged, involves a series of gentle, precise moves on specific areas of the body. There are variations and combinations of moves for each section of the body. It is similar to homeopathy in that it stimulates the body to heal itself with a minimal amount of intervention involved in the healing process. Additionally Bowen relaxes the body and then sets up a stimulus that encourages this self-healing process.

Bowen produces an integrated body response that improves circulation, lymphatic and venos drainage, helping assimilate nutrients and eliminate toxins. Thus it addresses physical, mental and emotional imbalance. The patient does not have to feel unwell to benefit from Bowen. It is an ideal therapy to help the body function at an optimal level of helath and efficiency. Used for over forty years, it has successfully treated thousands of people suffering from a multitude of maladies. Bowen therapists strongly adhere to a professional code of ethics.

Commonly treated conditions are sciatica, back pain, frozen shoulder, gynecological disorders, incontinence, bed wetting, improper gait, angina, bronchial symptoms, neck restrictions, repetitive strain injuries, ankle sprains, knee pain, migraine symptoms, stress and tension.

Bowen treatments are generally recommended on a schedule of 3 treatments 7 to 10 days apart. During sessions the progress of particular concerns can be monitored. Some patients may only require 1 treatment to find immediate relief, others may need more than the usual 3 depending on the individual response.

Sylvia has lived and practiced in Competa since 1995. She also works at a clinic on the coast in Torrox Costa and can be contacted at:
Home: 952 115 981
Clinic: 952 530 122
Mobile: 625 279 286
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