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The phenomenon of text messaging has probably been the mobile phone's greatest cultural influence. The Mobile Data Association quotes annual total messages as hundreds of billions, increasing each year.

Reasearchers in the US are currently working on rubber mobile phones that can transmit vibrations. The idea is to allow people to add emphasis and emotion to their calls by squeezing their phones.

Many models on the market vibrate when there's an incoming call, but the phones being developed at the MIT Media Lab in Massachusetts promise to go further. They record the strength of their user's squeeze and transmit that as a vibration to the recipient. When the user grips the phone they depress tiny speakers and pressure sensors that vibrate against the skin. Squeezing with a certain finger will transmit a vibration to the recipient's corresponding finger. This new form of expression will probably be come to be known as 'vibralanguage'.

It should be remembered that, in keeping with other European countries, Spain has introduced a fine of 600 euros for anyone found guilty of using a phone whilst driving without a hands-free system.
:-) Smiling
:( Sad
:-D Laughing
:-|| Angry
;-) Winking, just kidding
:-o Wow!
:Q What?
:-( Frowning
:-& Tongue-tied
:') Clowning
Abbreviations Meaning Abbreviations Meaning
@ at 2 to
2morrow tomorrow 2nite tonight
4 for agreemt agreement
aka also known as ayor at your own risk
asap as soon as possible b be
bday birthday b/c because
b4 before b4n bye for now
c see ctr centre
cu see you cu @ see you at, around
cuz because d or de the
ez easy gtg got to go
HAK hugs and kisses HAND have a nice day
how r u how are you Ic I see
l8r later luv love
msg message nvm never mind
r are thx thanks
u you ur your
y why  
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