Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain


Opening times:
  March-October from 11.00h to 24.00h

  • Over 40 rides & attractions
  • 16th century Spanish colonial adventure theme
  • Roller coasters
  • Shows
  • Cinema
The Isla Magica amusement park, which opened in 1997, is located on the original Expo site in Seville. It is an exciting and modern amusement park centered around a lake and divided into seven themed areas representative of different episodes in Spanish 16th century history:
  • Port of the Indies - with ships, merchants, knights and rogues who will invite you to their fantastic Comedy Theatre. Practice your skills at the Explorer's School, take the challenge of a Free Fall Drop 68 metres high, take a Boat to Sail around Isla Magica and ride on a Two-Storey Carousel.
  • Quetzal, Fury of the Gods - a Mayan World with 10 tremendous rides and trials.
  • Gateway to the Americas - a Splendid Fort where Live Entertainment, Multimedia and Musical Shows take place. Take the Water Coaster with chutes over trunks and mind-bending drops of 7, 12 and 16 metres, the Family Roller Coaster, visit 16th century Galleons and try your skills in the Indian Hut and Navigator's School.
  • Amazonia - set deep in the Amazon Jungle. Try the high speed El Jaguar Roller Coaster with 360 degree turns, the Iguazu Waterfall Ride and the Bumper Cars.
  • The Pirates Cove - with Action Shows, Children's Slides and a Shooting Gallery.
  • The Fountain of Youth - an Island Paradise for little ones. With Shows, Free Falls, Merry-go-Round, Water Coaster, Slides and Ferris Wheel.
  • Eldorado - descend the 500 metre Orinoco Rapids by rubber boat, take a Journey across the Universe, visit the Condor Circus and the Planetarium or take the Virtual Roller Coaster.
The park is located at:
Site Expo, Seville
Information: 902 161 716
Booking: 902 160 000
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