Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain


St Michael's Cave
Just one of 140 caves hidden within the Rock of Gibraltar, St Michaelīs is the only cave open to the public. According to legend it connects with Africa through a secret tunnel under the waters of the Gibraltan Strait.

The largest cave in the top area connects with smaller caves through passageways between 12 and 46 metres in length. The deepest of the caves is 62.5 metres below the entrance level.

During the Second World War the cave was converted into an emergency hospital, although its use was not necessary during the war.

The large cave is now used as an auditorium where concerts, dance shows and theatre are performed.

A cranium from the Neanderthal period (around 50,000 BC) was found in one of the caves in 1848 and is now exhibited in the Gibraltar Museum.

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