Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain


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Subject: Crackers Maracas!!!! Issue 1
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 18:38:01

Greetings from Espania!!!

Well here we are!!

Hope all is well with you and you are not freezing to death.

Day one was hectic. What with having to empty our bags at check-in, transferring clothes etc. into a bin liner cadged from the Thomson counter, paying an extra hundred quid to get through. Anyway after struggling to put a very awkward large holdall into the lock up, disturbing and knocking heads off, the bin liner splitting and contents spilling out, it was a rather uneventful flight, very swiftly arriving into Malaga.

Torrid Molinos
Yes you read it right. I think we were staying in the only block of quarry hill look-alikes in the resort. We stayed one night before checking out, couldnīt sleep with our heads next to the generator or with Spanish screaming bay next door. The hair balls gathered around us, we knew they wereņīt ours, cos they were white..ish.

The resort was teeming with over 70īs, I think they came straight from Cookridge Hall, for those who know what I am talking about.

The next day we caught a taxi........I am still reeling from euro shock and extortion, to a place called Caleta. This destination chosen by Sam, convinced this would be the place we would find ......something.

Anyway, we booked into La Paraiso Hotel, not much hot water and swapped screaming baby for screaming woman who beats her husband next door.

Had a lovely meal out, though wish we knew the language a bit better. Sam was not very hungry so she ordered a salad, the waiter made a chicken sound and flapped his arms. We nodded and were then served 3 separate dishes and had to take it back to the hotel.

We are going to view some appartments tomorrow, hopefully this will be productive. I fancy the villa with pool in the hills, Sam has her eye on the one with the clubs next door........... This is going to be interesting.

The waiter, this evening wanted us to write the word custard for him - we wanted a whole tutorial - he soon disappeared into the kitchen.

Shopping has been interesting. We have been told off and sent up and down aisles with produce. We obviously looked a bit dodgy. We have accosted countless Spaniards on the street who have been most helpful, even sympathetic, as if we were invalids.

We sat on our balcony yesterday and this afternoon. The sun is as warm here in January as summertime in the UK. We have a healthy glow already. Its chilly during the evenings and we have walked for hours. Not a bad thing, as its all part of the fitness campaign.

So feeling very alien, pushed and pulled about, tired of living out of a suitcase already, but still up for the challenge. Will be in touch again soon. From an Internet Cafe somewhere on the Costa Del Sol.

Bye for now,

Love From Your Barmy Amigos

Jacqui and Sam x

Subject: Crackers Maracas!!! Issue 2
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 17:11:24

Well we are nearing the end of our first week, and boy what a week!!!

We have been up to the Andalucian mountains in search of paradise, and didnīt even find a bounty.

Up we went and it got colder, the snow capped peaks were breath taking but...cold. Anyway we were taken to see a wonderful villa but alas, the trek up there was so nerve-racking with a ditch on one side and about a 2,000 metre drop on the other. Sam was green, but I could quite happily see me ambling down on my donkey. She was having none of it, so it was off to a number of apartments in the town. Despairingly I gave in.

The Estate Agents
We made fab friends with the estate agents who happen to be a family run business, originally moved over from the UK but have lived in Spain for 18 years. What a life saver, they have been amazing. Sam has made friends with Candy and Bex, her age which leaves me with the over 70īs! Only joking, 69 actually.

We have spent much time with this family, eaten chips in their office, left our shopping with them, been out for a meal and tonight we are having a gathering with them and others in our new abode.

Yes, Yes Yes, we have moved into our fantastic new home! It looks like a quaint cottage on the outside but is deceptively big and we have a lemon tree in the garden, 2 terraces and enough space for friends!!!

We have walked for miles everyday, getting lost, speaking to strange locals who have accompanied us around the town, whether we like it or not. Today we had a 90-year old lady who spoke Spanish to us incessantly while we nodded politely. She laughed her head off and sat with us on the bus, still laughing at us. Then others laughed at us. Oh well, we must be entertaining them somehow.

We are picking up the lingo daily.

We live next door to the president....of the urbanisation where we live.

We have been gathering firewood this evening, well I have. Sam wouldnīt touch it in case a dog had peed on it, oh well the innocence of youth!

Better go,

Look out for further updates!


Jacqui and Sam

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