Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain


Size of Municipality: 20 km2
Altitude: 858 m
Distance to Malaga: 50 km
Distance to coast: 42 km
Average sunshine per day: 7.53 hrs
Population: 520
Inhabitants: Tejones

Alfarnatejo, in the north of Axarquia, is situated 50 kilometres from Malaga and 42 kilometres from the coast at Torre del Mar. It is surrounded by magnificent and dramatic scenery including mountains, the highest of which are Mount Chamizo to the west and El Gallo to the east, both at 1,637 metres. The village itself has an altitude of 858 metres, a population of 520 and lies on the scenic Route of Olive Oil and Mountains.

Alfarnatejo is a small village with simple houses and streets wider than usual for Axarquia. Within the village there is a 16th century church of Santo Cristo de la Cabrilla. It was built in a simple rectangular structure, traditional to the period, with two naves separated by semicircular arches. The square tower was built of fired bricks in the Mudejar style.

Alfarnatejo One of Alfarnatejo´s main annual festivals is the Fiesta of Gazpacho held every August when festivities and a Flamenco competition continue until the early hours. Free offerings of Alfarnatejo´s "Gazpacho de los Tres Golpes" are served in ceramic bowls that are also gifts and accompanied by delicious canapes which fuel the dancing that lasts all night. Details of this and Alfarnatejo´s other annual festivals can be found at the fiestas link at the bottom of this page.

Neolithic remains, dating back 5,000 years, have been discovered nearby in the pass of the River Sabar and the site of an even older settlement is at Tajo Gómez. Remains from the time of Moorish occupation can be found at Alto del Fraile where the ruins of Castle Sabar are situated. Also worth a visit are the Pela Horá, Chamizo and Morronquera caves in the Tajos de Vilo and the Palaeolithic drawings in the Cortijo de la Cueva.

These caves, and the numerous others in the areas surrounding Alfarnatejo, were used as shelters by bandits now of romantic legend.

Villages and hamlets within the municipality of Alfarnatejo are: Sabar, Pulgarin, El Navazo and Venta de San Juan.

Park Miguel Alba Luque in Alfarnatejo Official Fiestas:
April 25th
September 12th
Popular Fiestas:
Mid May - Romeria de San Isidro
Early August - Gazpacho Fiesta
Early August - Flamenco Festival
Late September - Feria of Alfarnatejo

Useful Numbers:
Emergency Doctor: 061
Emergency Police: 091
Town Council: 952 759 286

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